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Industry recognized symbol of performance

The Diamond Broker Bond Program delivers a proven marketing and advertising advantage on the loadboard and in the broker selection process.

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Program Benefits

Loadboard Designation

The Diamond Broker Bond designation instantly delivers valuable assurances to carriers regarding credit, performance history and the quality of the bond.

Available to all 850,000 trucks using Carriers will see your bond amount within the load details page on

Industry recognized symbol of performance

Logo's, certificates and marketing materials made available

Protect your Business

Logo's, certificates and marketing materials made available
Logos, certificates and marketing materials made available

ITS credit score monitoring and change notification

For carriers who subscribe to ITS's credit reporting service the grade and Days-to-Pay number score are important factors in the broker selection process. Thousands of carriers pay for this information and use it on a daily basis. ITSFS will monitor your credit score with and report any change in the experience factor rating or any change in the Days-to-Pay number. ITSFS can offer experienced advice and assistance in protecting and possibly improving your Company's credit score.

Membership listings at certain industry trade shows
Membership listings at certain industry trade shows

Diamond Broker status included in Ansonia's credit report

Ansonia is a recognized international credit reporting service utilized by many transportation professionals and shippers. The Diamond Broker Bond Membership status and logo appear as part of the Ansonia credit report.

Diamond Broker Insurance Program

Contingent Cargo

When acting as a property broker, the contract of carriage (bill of lading) is issued directly from the underlying asset-based carrier to the cargo owner. As such, the asset-based carrier is first in line for cargo loss and damage claims. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the carrier’s motor truck cargo policy to fail to pay the claim for various reasons. In this event, the cargo owner will often sue the property broker in an effort to collect on their claim. The property broker can benefit from having a Contingent Cargo policy in place which will defend against the claim and pay settlements per the terms of the policy if ultimately ruled against your company.

Errors and Omissions Policies

As transportation professionals, you are liable for improper performance of, or the failure to perform your professional services, including your activities as a property broker, domestic freight forwarder, international freight forwarder, NVOCC, warehouseman, air freight forwarder or other. If a customer files a claim against your company alleging damages, this policy will pay for the legal defense (independent of the deductible) as well as any settlement awarded as per the policy terms. Some of the most common types of claims include: failure to follow client instructions, delay caused by negligence of an employee, negligent selection of subcontractors, improper quotation of charges, incorrect document preparation, unauthorized release of goods, misdirection, failure to properly clear goods upon entry, incorrect classification of goods and failure to insure cargo when instructed to do so.

Contingent Auto Liability

Contingent Auto Liability Insurance protects you in the event a motor carrier that you've arranged has Auto Liability Insurance insufficient to cover an auto accident involving bodily injury or property damage. This may occur because of inadequate limits of insurance, the policy has been voided, cancelled or suspended, the policy was bogus or illegal, or the insurer of the policy is insolvent. Legal precedent has been set holding the domestic forwarder/property broker liable in such cases.

CargoShield “All-Risk” Shipper’s Interest Coverage

CargoShield is designed specifically to address the needs of Brokers and Shippers by standardizing cargo coverage and putting control of the claims process back into their hands. This is primary cargo insurance provided on a Broader “Shipper’s Interest” form, secured on a per-load basis for just $12 per load, providing up to $100k in cargo coverage! Claims are handled by a dedicated, professional team with the goal of processing claims in 30 days or less. The coverage process is hassle-free and takes just minutes.

Diamond Broker Bond Program

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  • BMC-84 Surety Bonds – A+ (Superior) rated
  • BMC-85 Trust Fund Bonds
  • BCM-85 Trust Guarantee Bonds – (Blended Program)
  • SDDC / DOT Bonds